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BÖHLER L035 is a 35cobalt-35nickel-20chromium-10molybdenum alloy (UNS R30035) in the form of bar and wire, used for the manufacture of surgical implants. This alloy depends on combinations of work strengthening and aging to attain a variety of combinations of strength and ductility the choice dependent upon the medical device design and its intended application.
The alloy composition covered by this specification has been successfully employed in human implants. Long-term clinical experience has shown an acceptable level of biological response.
BÖHLER L035 is a nickel-cobalt base multiphase alloy system that has a unique combination of properties – ultra high strength, toughness, ductility and outstanding corrosion resistance. The alloy is able to be work-strengthened and aged to obtain strength levels of 260 to 300 ksi (1793-2086 MPa) in its full strength and stress corrosion cracking resistance (SCC) for harsh environments. BÖHLER L035 alloy resists corrosion in hydrogen sulfide, salt water and other chloride solutions, as well as the mineral acids (nitric, hydrochloric, sulphuric). In addition, it has exceptional resistance to crevice cracking in seawater and other hostile environments.
The unique capabilities of BÖHLER L035 are derived from the alloy’s chemistry, premium melting technology, cold-working, and heat treatment. It is a vacuum induction melted (VIM), vacuum arc re-melted (VAR) superalloy.

Technical Specifications

Material Numbers

MP35N 2.4999 R30035


ISO 5832-6 F562

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition (average %)
max. 0.025 max. 0.15 max. 0.15 max. 0.015 max. 0.010 19.0 to 21.0 9.0 to 10.5 33.0 to 37.0 REM max. 1.0 max. 0.015 max. 1.0

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