As an innovation driver in the development and production of stainless steels, sustainable production processes and the responsible use of resources have been an integral part of our corporate philosophy for decades.
This affects all areas of the production chain and focuses on using resources as sparingly as possible, above all raw materials and energy, and minimizing the environmental impact of processes and products.
Social responsibility has been exemplified at BÖHLER ever since the Böhler brothers founded the company in 1870 and has been understood as a mandate to all future generations. We take our obligation seriously to deal consciously with the diversity, performance and potential of our employees, society and other organizations.

Our integrated management system for occupational safety, energy efficiency, health protection, quality and environmental protection contributes significantly to the realization of our sustainability strategy. Read more about our IMS-Management


Energy efficiency

Continual improvement of production processes, deployment of the latest technologies and advanced concepts for waste, heat and heat recovery make a significant contribution to higher energy efficiency.

Renewable energy

We generate and use exclusively green electricity for our production facilities.

Reduction of emissions and immissions

We have a clear decarbonization strategy to reduce our CO2 emissions. By deploying the best possible, environmentally friendly technologies, we can reduce the environmental burden in the air, water and soil to a minimum.

Chemicals and ingredients

We reduce the use of hazardous chemicals and ingredients in our processes and products.

Circular economy

By operating a circular economy and recycling our scrap and materials, we can produce more sustainable products.

Sustainable business models

Through the implementation of our sustainability strategy, we aim to offer sustainable special steel products in the future.

Environmental footprint

By reducing our environmental footprint, we make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Sustainable procurement

ESG-compliant products

Dealing responsibly with people and the environment, along with honest and transparent business management in our supply chain, form the essential basis of our sustainable business success.

E-mobility management and infrastructure

By expanding our electric vehicle fleet and our electrical charging infrastructure, as well as support projects, we offer our employees and our customers access to sustainable transportation.

Sustainable logistic

We include transportation from suppliers and to customers in our logistics strategy.

Positioning as an attractive employer

Employee development and promotion


Respect for all persons, regardless of gender, skin color, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or ideology, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity, is important for us.

Health and safety 

Our health promotion programs and our corporate and personal safety measures increase the health and safety of our employees.

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