Exceptional materials are made when expertise and motivation join forces. We are proud of the expertise we have built over the decades and of the commitment of our employees. Together we continue to develop proven production standards and establish new, innovative processes in order to produce more safely and economically with fewer resources. This is how we set benchmarks in the marketplace. For the benefit of our customers and the environment.

The first step for quality

BÖHLER has revolutionized steel production. Today smelting metallurgy is still our domain, whose innovations are a guide for the technical world. We back up this claim with continuous development work and cutting-edge production systems.

Vacuum smelting and remelting (VIM, VAR) and advanced pressure ESR processes with the highest metallurgical purity are the focal point of the BÖHLER special steel mill. The result:  over 200 types of high-speed steels, tool steels, and specialty materials to meet the toughest requirements.

Materials for this millennium

Ever-increasing requirements for tooling are driving demand for new, highly functional materials. The answer is high-performance materials produced using powder metallurgy, with homogenous carbide structure for excellent usage properties – such as our

steels. Specialized metallurgical knowledge forms the basis for focused problem-solving and gives our customers a decisive competitive advantage. In order to meet our quality demands over the long term, we have installed the world’s most modern powder-metallurgy production system.

In top form on all sides


In cutting-edge rolling mills, BÖHLER produce round- and flat-profile bar steel and wire with high precision at high quality. Reproducibility of processes, a high degree of flexibility, and the greatest possible proximity to our customers guarantee our position as a global leader.


Materials are formed to meet our customers’ demands up to 45 tons forging weight on a 5200 t hammer-forging press or a bar-forging machine.

P 44 Forging Press

Another highlight is the P 44: a forging unit for the production of the most demanding components for the aviation or the oil & gas industry. Due to its high forging frequency and design of the entire infrastructure, this unit is particularly suitable for the deformation of extremely demanding materials such as Nickel-based alloys.

RF100 long forging machine

With this unit, we forge bars for the oil & gas industry up to a length of 15 meters and a forging weight of up to 8 tons.

Note: Dimensions are dependent on material!


Bar steel rolled:
round 12,5 – 150 mm
square 15 – 150 mm
flat width 15 – 60 mm thickness 5 – 41 mm
60 – 200 mm 5 – 86 mm
100 – 300 mm 15 – 80 mm
Rolled wire:
rolled round 5,0 – 13,5 mm
drawn round 1,0 – 13,0 mm
precision shaped flat 0,5 – 40 mm2
Bar steel forged:
round, square 90 – 1200 mm
flat, min width 100 mm thickness 50 mm
flat, max width 1600 mm thickness 1000 mm
Ratio width/thickness maximum 10:1
Bar steel pre-machined:
IBO ECOMAX 12,5 – 315 mm


Bright steel:

BRIGHT STEEL ground and polished 2 – 28 mm
ECOBLANK peeled and polished
ECOFINISH band ground
Surface finish: black (abrasive blasted); pickled; machined (turned, peeled, polished h 12 – h 9); ground – polished

The customer-specified finish

Thanks to a wide range of potential finishing processes for bar products, individual requirements can be covered quickly with the quality that BÖHLER is known for. The rolled bar steel is subjected to quality heat treatment according to the customer’s specification and then adjusted, processed, and inspected. We can fulfill any wish for the surface finish as well: peeled, polished, belt-ground, turned, milled, or sawn, in the tolerance class of your choice.

For example:

  • IBO ECOMAX peeled bar steel
  • ECOBLANK bright steel, peeled and polished
  • ECOFINISH bright steel, belt-ground
  • BRIGHT STEEL, ground and polished

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