Your future at Böhler Edelstahl


Our products are among the best in the world and are a benchmark for our competitors. Individual initiative, self-reliance and the first-rate performance by our staff are what it takes to set this benchmark. If you want to play in the “Champions League of Materials Specialists”, you will most certainly find a field of challenges and development potential here at BÖHLER.


As an employee you share in the success of our company in the form of an annual employee bonus.


Aimed at the achievement of agreed objectives that are formulated at the factory, department, project, or individual level. We reward our employees’ innovative ideas in the form of additional bonuses.


Your base income is derived from the technical and personal challenges of your position—and from your individual engagement.


Monthly payments to the Voestalpine Foundation for purchasing employee stock shares.


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Right from the start we provide the support you need to become successfully integrated into the technical and the social side of the company. The onboarding process starts with a conversation with your manager or mentor. Together you define the tasks that you will take on incrementally and how we can help you to achieve your learning goals.

Our employees are the essential factor in the success of our company. This is why we give them challenging tasks and personal opportunities for growth.

Managers lead by example and create a motivating environment where goal-oriented, self-dependent work can be done. This requires mutual trust.

Systematic employee appraisals

The annual systematic appraisal between the supervisor and employee is one of the central elements of personnel development. Achievement of objectives from the past year is discussed. Objectives and tasks for the coming year, including individual employee development measures, are agreed upon.

Our open culture of discussion provides a foundation of trust for clarifying mutual expectations.


We provide you with challenging tasks and personal opportunities for growth. This means that every employee has fundamentally unlimited potential. Based on your individual strengths, you can pursue the following career paths here:

  • Expert career
  • Management career
  • International track

Developing your expertise

Derived systematically from the requirements for your function, we offer targeted ongoing education. This includes the development of your technical, methodological, and social expertise.

Freedom of action to achieve your objectives gives you the ability to recognize and develop your personal strengths.

Theses and dissertations

As a technology leader our innovative company provides numerous opportunities to expand your knowledge with challenging subjects for your thesis or dissertation. Completion of a degree with continuous high achievement is a prerequisite.

An exceptional thesis or dissertation is your springboard for a successful start in your career with BÖHLER Edelstahl.

Our company supports students at Leoben University by awarding education vouchers for certain fields of study.

Full-year and summer internships

Internships give you the opportunity to make contact with BÖHLER Edelstahl while you are still in school in order to put your theoretical knowledge to the test in practice, and to show us your capabilities and your personality.

In order to secure one of our sought-after internships, good scholastic performance is a must, along with readiness to learn new things. You will typically be paid during the internship, with the exception of mandatory school internships and those supported by the public employment service and similar institutions.

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