Melting Route

Powder metallurgy

Product Description

BÖHLER K888 MATRIX – This MATRIX steel offers an excellent combination of high toughness and high compressive strength. MATRIX materials have high toughness, which is a critical factor in many applications. However, the hardness achievable with commonly used MATRIX steels often limits the potential applications. BÖHLER K888 MATRIX breaks through this barrier and offers the best of both worlds of matrix steels and high alloy tool steels. BÖHLER K888 MATRIX is a unique problem solver in situations where high compressive strength and toughness are required. Its advantageous tempering behavior with a pronounced secondary hardness maximum also enables the use of advanced coatings.

Property Features

  • Toughness & Ductility: very high
  • Hardness: very high
  • Compressive strength: very high
  • Machinability: very high
  • Dimensional stability: very high

Technical Specifications

Compressive strength Dimensional Stability in heat treatment Toughness Wear resistance abrasive Wear resistance adhesive

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition (average %)
0.60 0.85 4.40 2.80 1.10 2.45 3.80

Available product shapes

  • Long Products


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