Melting Route

Airmelted + VAR + VAR

Product Description

BÖHLER W460 VMR is a double vacuum arc remelted (VAR) material that has been specially adapted for use in the motorsport sector. The steel purity achieved by this special manufacturing technology, combined with the high strength, ensures that a very high fatigue strength can be guaranteed. The high purity also results in very good polishability, which makes the steel a good choice as a tool material for minting coins.

Property Features

  • Super-high strength to avoid plastic deformation and ensure an optimized fatigue strength
  • High dtiffness: relation between density and strength
  • High tempering temperatures allow for a comprehensive range of surface treatments

Technical Specifications

Material Numbers

BÖHLER patent

Chemical Composition

Chemical composition (average %)
0.50 0.20 0.45 4.60 3.00 0.75

Available product shapes

  • Long Products

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