Product Description

BÖHLER S400 – “The fast one”
This class comes from the family of molybdenum-alloyed high-speed steels and its winning performance is matched by its good cost effectiveness.

Property Features

High Toughness & Ductility

Good Wear Resistance

High Compressive strength

Good Edge Stability

High Grindability

Good Hot Hardness

Technical Specifications

Compressive strength Grindability Through hardenable Toughness Wear resistance Edge Stability

Material Numbers

1.3348 HS2-9-2 M7


4957 A600

Chemical Composition

1.02 0.40 0.30 3.80 8.60 1.90 1.80

Chemical composition (average %)


Available product shapes

  • Long Products


Fairs & Events

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