Product Description

Vacuum remelted hot work tool steel with a good temper resistance, but tougher than W403.

Property Features

  • Good macro- and microstructure with lowest levels of segregation
  • Lowest gas contents
  • Lowest levels of unwanted trace elements
  • Excellent homogeneity and isotropy
  • Highest degree of cleanliness
  • Highest toughness
  • Best polishability
  • Higher thermal conductivity

Technical Specifications

High temperture strength High temperature toughness High_ temperature wear resistance Machinability

Material Numbers

~ 1.2343 ~ T20811 ~ X37CrMoV5-1 AISI: ~ H11

Chemical Composition

0,37 0,20 0,30 5,00 1,30 0,50

Chemical composition (average %)

Available product shapes

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