Product Description

Marine technique e.g. heat ex-changer and condenser up to 450°C which works with brackish- or sea water for cooling. Pickling baskets, chemical industry.

Property Features

Corrosion resistant nickel-copper alloy resistant to chloride induced stress corrosion cracking. No post-weld heat treatment required. Excellent resistance to steam, torrential sea water, neutral and alkaline salt solutions. Possesses very good resistance to acid reacted salt solutions like zinc-chloride, ammonium-sulphate or ammonium-chloride as well as non oxidising acids e.g. diluted sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, silicofluoric acid, clean phosphoric acid and organic acids.

Technical Specifications

Material Numbers

Alloy 400 2.4360 N04400

Chemical Composition

0.12 0.30 1.20 65.00 32.00 1.50

Chemical composition (average %)


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