Plastic mould steel

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BÖHLER M261 - Precipitation hardening plastic mould steel with a controllable dimensional change during heat treatment. Good machinability due to added sulphur.

BÖHLER M300 - Classic plastic mould steel, can be used almost universally.

BÖHLER M303 - Stainless martensitic chromium steel, offering excellent toughness, corrosion and wear resistance. It is characterized by improved machinability and polishability.

BÖHLER M315 - Corrosion resistant frame/bolster steel with improved machinability.

BÖHLER M333 - Corrosion resistant plastic mould steel with the best polishability for products which require an outstanding surface finish.

BÖHLER M368 is a martensitic chromium steel produced with powder metallurgy. Due to its alloying concept this steel offers high wear resistance, high toughness and high corrosion resistance – the perfect combination for best application properties.

BÖHLER M340 - Corrosion resistant plastic mould steels with good wear resistance and good grainability.

BÖHLER M390 - The wear-resistant, corrosion resistant and polishable plastic mould steel.


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BÖHLER M121 - Highly stressed components in automotive construction, and for general engineering purposes, e. g. gears, crankshafts, gearshafts.

BÖHLER M200 - Chromium - manganese - molybdenum steel with sulfur content.
Very good machinibility in hardened and tempered condition.

BÖHLER M238 - The hardened and tempered plastic mould steel.
Because of the Ni-addition there is no hardness decrease in the center of large sizes over 400 mm thickness.

BÖHLER M268 - Hardened and tempered plastic mould steel with excellent cleanliness for best polishability. The hardness is constant over the entire cross-section of the steel block, even at large sizes, due to the addition of nickel.
BÖHLER M310 - Advanced martensitic stainless chromium steel for plastic moulds.
BÖHLER M314 - The corrosion resistant mould holder steel.

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