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Product description

Just as mountaineers need the best equipment to conquer the highest peaks, it‘s essential to use the best materials for your tooling to ensure trouble-free production and achieve outstanding tool life. Three reasons why BÖHLER K390 MICROCLEAN is highly cost effective: Extremely high wear resistance, excellent toughness and very high compressive strength. The high-performance powder-metallurgy steel BÖHLER K390 MICROCLEAN is a reliable solution for your difficult cutting, die-cutting and cold forming operations, and it has a very good track record for applications in the plastics industry.

Property features

Benefits for tool & die production in comparison to 10V PM
  • Good machinability because of uniform mechanical properties
  • Excellent grindability even with deep engraving in the tool & die centre
  • Uniform low dimensional change during heat treatment
  • Non sensitive against overheating or long soak times
  • Optimal EDM characteristic due to uniform carbide distribution

Benefits for tool & die use

  • Low unit cost due to longer service life
  • Safety against failure and cutting-edge fractures

Technical data

Chemical composition

2,47 0,55 0,40 4,20 3,80 9,00 1,00 2,00

Chemical composition (average %)

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Tooling Days Kapfenberg
Jun 22, 2017 - Jun 23, 2017 |


Nov 15, 2017 - Nov 18, 2017 | Frankfurt a. Main

International exhibition and conference on additive technologies and tool making


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